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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a FLEX-Riser? The NORMAC FLEX-Riser is the best way to make safe transitions from underground polyethylene gas pipe to above ground hard piping. The heart of the riser is the time-tested compression joint which securely seals the gas inside the pipe AND prevents the pipe from coming loose from the fitting. The flexible portion of the FLEX-Riser is a steel casing that protects the polyethylene pipe from harmful UV rays, lawn movers, weed wackers, etc. NORMAC's FLEX-Riser is field assembled, avoids underground joints and requires no corrosion protection.

2. Where should I use a FLEX-Riser? Install NORMAC FLEX-Risers at both ends of all polyethylene gas lines. Install one at the house and another at the service end; a pool and spa heater, an outbuilding, fire-pit, gas grill etc.

3. What PE pipe sizes fit FLEX-Risers? NORMAC FLEX-Risers are available to fit polyethylene pipe in a range from 1/2" CTS to 2" IPS. NORMAC FLEX-Risers are about 36" long.

4. How do I know which FLEX-Riser I need? Read the markings on your pipe for size and wall thickness. If you have 1" IPS pipe as shown in image below, you need a 1" IPS FLEX-Riser. See image below for typical pipe markings:

gas pipe markings

5. What pipe is OK to use to carry gas? Pipe that carries natural gas MUST be stamped ASTM D2513. This indicates that it was manufactured to the exacting ASTM standards required for gas carrying polyethylene pipe.

6. Is plastic gas pipe allowed above ground? Yes, but only if it is protected with a steel casing, such as our FLEX-Riser design.

7. My code says I need an anodeless riser. Is the NORMAC FLEX-Riser anodeless? Yes. Anodes are used to control corrosion of underground gas carrying metal pipe. For more information on the importance of corrosion protection on gas piping systems, review the following: Arkansas Corrosion Control Case Study OR link to wikipedia definition of cathodic protection.

8. What is the pressure rating of a FLEX-Riser? 125 psig

9. How do I know if I can use NORMAC products in my area? NORMAC products are approved for use in virtually all areas. However, we recommend that you contact your local government center, building inspector and/or code commissioner before doing any work, to determine the proper codes in your area. If no local code exists, NORMAC recommends following the National Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54 / ANSI Z223.1. We would be happy to talk with your inspector or code official. Have them call us at 630-232-8111 or email

10. What codes or standards does the NORMAC FLEX-Riser conform to? The NORMAC FLEX-Riser conforms to the standards and codes listed on our technical specifications page .

11. Has the NORMAC FLEX-Riser been independently tested? Yes. IAPMO Research & Testing Inc. certificate of listing is file #4932.

12. What is the expected life of a NORMAC compression fitting? NORMAC fittings provide a secure seal indefinitely when installed properly.

13. What is NORMAC's primary goal? NORMAC is committed to the long term safety of people living near our product.

14. What about Tees? Installing metalic gas carrying fittings underground is not recomended unless installed with a properly engineered Anode. Take advantage of the ANODELESS NORMAC FLEX-Riser.

15. Who do I call if I have a question? Contact NORMAC of course! Please call us at 630.232.8111 or email us at:



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